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                                                                              1. Anticorrosion Spiral Steel Pipes with Epoxy Coal
                                                                                Release date:2016-11-07
                                                                                First, materials and components
                                                                                A component of epoxy coal tar pitch and topcoat, are based on epoxy resin and coal tar pitch as the main film, add a variety of anti-rust pigments, insulating filler, toughening agent, leveling agent, thinner , Anti-settling agent, etc., B component is modified amine curing agent or curing agent-based materials, add pigments and fillers. When the product is sold, A, B components supporting supply, the construction of mixing in proportion, even after mixing within the prescribed time.
                                                                                Second, the scope of application
                                                                                Mainly used for underground or underwater steel oil, gas, water, heating pipe wall corrosion, but also applies to all types of steel structures, terminals, ships, sluices, gas storage tanks, oil refining plant equipment and concrete corrosion Pipe, sewage pool, roof waterproof layer, bathroom, basement and other concrete structures of waterproof and anti-leakage.
                                                                                Third, product characteristics
                                                                                1, This product is high-performance anti-corrosion coating, coating smooth, dense, hard, strong bond, salt tolerance, seawater resistance, soil microbial corrosion, anti-plant rhizome penetration are excellent. Paint and glass fiber composite use, can enhance the mechanical properties of the coating.
                                                                                2, normal temperature coating, natural curing, construction is simple, can be used by hand or mechanical construction, especially suitable for field use.
                                                                                Fourth, technical indicators
                                                                                Epoxy coal tar pitch coating according to its use function is divided into epoxy coal tar pitch primer and epoxy coal tar pitch two types. Epoxy coal tar pitch paint is a series of products, according to the solid content is divided into solvent-free (GH 201) and thick type (GH 202) two categories, according to the coating The use of heat-resistant temperature is divided into temperature (150 ℃ in the use of filling W) and the standard type (used in 100 ℃), for the user according to the actual requirements of anti-corrosion engineering selection.
                                                                                The product standard Q / DH 02-2009 "liquid epoxy anti-corrosion coating", its technical indicators and China's oil and gas industry standard SY / T 0447-96 "buried steel pipeline epoxy coal tar coating technology standards" and SY / T 0457-2000 "Steel Pipeline Liquid Epoxy Coatings Technical Standards", also in line with the American Waterworks Association standards AWWA C 210-03 "steel water pipeline liquid epoxy coating inside and outside the coating" requirements.

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