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                                                                              1. Anticorrosion Spiral Steel Pipes with Epoxy Coal
                                                                                Release date:2016-11-07

                                                                                Epoxy coal tar anticorrosive spiral steel pipe Introduction:
                                                                                Epoxy coal tar anticorrosive spiral steel pipe is what we often say a few cloth a few oil, common with a cloth two oil, three cloth two oil, five step three oil, seven cloth four oil. Epoxy coal tar pitch anticorrosive spiral steel pipe is composed of epoxy coal tar pitch primer and topcoat, epoxy resin and coal tar pitch are the main film forming materials, and various anticorrosive pigments, insulating fillers, toughening agents, Leveling agents, diluents, anti-settling agents and the like. Appearance: Primer A component of iron red, B component black, topcoat are black. Has excellent chemical resistance to corrosive and good physical and mechanical properties, good adhesion, tough film, and excellent electrical insulation and anti-permeability, anti-stray current and anti-microbial erosion, after filming, Can reduce the number of construction. The main implementation of the standard SY / T 0447-96 "buried steel pipeline epoxy coal tar pitch coating technical standards" and SY / T 0457-2000 "steel pipeline liquid epoxy coating technical standards within the coating." Mainly used for underground or underwater steel oil, gas, water, heating pipe wall corrosion, but also applies to all types of steel structures, terminals, ships, sluices, gas storage tanks, oil refining plant equipment and concrete corrosion Pipe, sewage pool, roof waterproof layer, bathroom, basement and other concrete structures of waterproof and anti-leakage.
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