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                                                                              1. Cement mortar anti - corrosion steel pipe
                                                                                Release date:2016-11-07

                                                                                Cement mortar anti - corrosion steel pipe
                                                                                Cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe filled with concrete, can absorb large amounts of heat, so when subjected to fire column cross-section of the temperature field distribution is uneven, increasing the column fire time, slow down the steel column heating rate, and once the steel yield , The concrete can withstand most of the axial load, to prevent the collapse of the structure. The fire resistance of the composite beam will also increase as the temperature of the steel beam will reduce the heat transfer from the top flange to the concrete. The experimental statistics show that: to achieve a fire-resistant requirements and 3 hours compared to the steel column can save fire-resistant coating 1/3 of a 2/3 or even more, with the pipe diameter increases, save more paint.
                                                                                Mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe mortar has the label M3, M5, M7.5, M10, M12.5, M15, M20, M25, M30, M40 several. Mortar points by masonry, plaster, seams, and label has nothing to do. Cement mortar work is completed, there is the most important one process, that is, air-dry. Refers to the natural state in the air-dry 2-3 days. Mainly to prevent the way in the shipment due to turbulence caused by cement mortar cracks.
                                                                                Steel components in the external force under the performance or have a certain impact. Such as deformation, stability, anti-fatigue and other aspects may have a negative effect. Hot-rolled steel products, for the thickness and width of this area is not good control. We are familiar with the thermal expansion and contraction, because the beginning of hot rolling even if the length and thickness are standard, and finally after cooling or there will be some negative difference, the wider the negative margin width, the thicker the performance of the thicker the more obvious. Therefore, for large steel, the width of the steel, thickness, length, angle, and the edge line can not ask too precise.
                                                                                Cement mortar anti - corrosion steel pipe corrosion
                                                                                1, oil and natural gas with three polyethylene (3PE) steel pipe corrosion, two-story polyethylene (2PE) steel pipe corrosion.
                                                                                2, oil and natural gas with FBE (single-layer fusion bonded epoxy powder corrosion) steel pipe, 2FBE (double-layer fusion bonded epoxy powder corrosion) steel pipe.
                                                                                3, water supply pipeline IPN8710 polymer non-toxic paint pipe corrosion.
                                                                                4, high-density polyethylene polyurethane foam insulation pipe.
                                                                                5, water supply pipeline cement mortar lining anti-corrosion steel pipe.
                                                                                6, epoxy coal tar pitch glass pipe anti-corrosion.
                                                                                The main application of cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe:
                                                                                1, cement mortar lining anti-corrosion steel pipe used in: municipal works: for high-rise building water supply, heating network heating, water works, gas transmission, buried water and other pipelines.
                                                                                2, petroleum: petroleum pipeline, chemical pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing industries such as corrosive medium transport pipeline.
                                                                                3, sewage treatment: sewage treatment discharge pipes, sewage pipes and biological pool anti-corrosion works
                                                                                4, agriculture: agricultural irrigation pipe, deep well pipe, drainage pipes and other networks, corrosion resistance is better than the steel structure is conducive to fire resistance and fire prevention.

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