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                                                                                Analysis of steel pipe market in 2012 and 2013 export trends
                                                                                Release date:2016-10-31
                                                                                United States
                                                                                The United States is the world's largest importer of steel pipe, steel pipe imports are larger each year, especially energy use tube. At present, the United States, Canada, the implementation of anti-dumping policy of Chinese steel pipe, which to the Chinese steel pipe into the North American market has brought difficulties. In addition, in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia in South America because of the development of marine and salt oil and gas resources, the demand for oil-specific pipe is also increasing.
                                                                                The EU market
                                                                                A sector analysis shows that: in 2012 the EU steel pipe production in 2011 fell by about 4%. Although the decline in steel pipe production can be attributed in part to the decline in the production of steel pipe users, but also shows that steel pipe distribution chain inventory is likely due to uncertainty in the business environment in 2012 increased and credit difficulties affecting the daily production of small and medium enterprises to reduce .
                                                                                There are significant differences in steel production in different EU countries. In 2012, only Poland and Slovakia saw an increase in steel pipe production, while in most other countries, steel production declined, particularly in France and Spain.
                                                                                In 2012, the EU steel industry on the EU's overall economic and operating environment is very pessimistic. Steel pipe distributors are struggling to keep stocks as low as possible, due to weak production in major sectors such as construction, machinery, automobiles and fabricated metal, and lower consumption of steel pipes, weakened demand, and credit and liquidity problems. Pipeline projects for the large diameter steel pipe demand is also reduced.
                                                                                In 2013, the production of major steel pipe users will continue to be under pressure, is expected to gradually improve in the second half, mainly due to improvement in export markets. Looking ahead to 2013, there are industry bodies forecast moderate growth in EU steel pipe production will be affected by the recovery of downstream key user industry production, is expected to rebound in steel production. Benefit from strong energy prices, in 2013 the oil field with large diameter steel pipe and demand will increase. Some institutions are expected in 2013 EU steel pipe production will grow 2.5%.
                                                                                China 's neighboring countries, regional markets
                                                                                China's neighboring countries and regions are Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan and Southeast Asia, the CIS and so on. In addition to Japan, South Korea, India and the CIS, other countries and regions basically rely on imports of steel pipe.
                                                                                Southeast Asia market capacity is limited, and Japan, South Korea in the region has a certain scale of investment, and India, Vietnam and other countries in recent years have a new steel plant put into operation, at present, Japan and South Korea occupy a larger market in this region Share, the Chinese market share is low. Japan and Korea (Welded Pipe) are major competitors in China in the region. China's exports to Southeast Asia in a short time is not realistic.
                                                                                The Middle East, North Africa market
                                                                                The Middle East is the world's major oil producing areas, in addition to OCTG with a large number of pipe needs, but also on the pipeline, structural pipe and other needs are larger, each year a larger amount of imports. At present, these pipes mainly from Japan, the European Union and other imports.
                                                                                China to enter this market, the market share is not very high. Information disclosure, the biennial Dubai International Welding and Cutting Exhibition is approaching, its organizers and the German Welding Association and the International Pipe Association, said at a news conference that the next five years, the six Gulf investment in the pipe will be More than 18 billion US dollars, all kinds of new pipeline 21,000 km, accounting for the global total pipeline length of 16.1 million km 14%. Among them, the UAE investment in a country as high as 3.6 billion US dollars.
                                                                                International Energy Council data also show that the current UAE welding machinery market share of the Gulf and the Middle East accounted for 72% and 50%; the next eight years, the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf countries plan to invest 100 billion US dollars in the energy sector, which will greatly stimulate the welding Industrial Development.
                                                                                But the Middle East and North Africa regional political instability, as the world's most important oil concentration areas, the Middle East, North Africa, unrest has not subsided, for the latter part of China's steel exports will have much impact remains to be seen.
                                                                                The current steel pipe market in the Middle East has begun to shift to meet the needs of the region. In recent years, the international oil prices, driven by the Middle East, North Africa, the basis of the development of the oil industry, due to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Egypt and Oman and other local steel pipe production increased, local users will reduce steel imports. After 2013 the Middle East and North Africa's steel imports may decline.
                                                                                Analysis of World New Steel Pipe Production Capacity in
                                                                                In 2012, the world's new production capacity increased significantly, mainly from China, China now accounts for more than 50% of global steel production; seamless pipe accounted for more than 60%, production is still increasing year by year. Even so, China is still not the world's largest, comprehensive competitiveness of the strongest, the most complete variety specifications, the highest visibility of the steel business. In short, the world's new steel pipe unit (seamless pipe and pipe unit) compared with China, or "more so." China's steel pipe production capacity of the continuous expansion (surplus) will lead to the domestic steel pipe enterprises in the domestic market competition tends to white-hot and brutal, earnings more difficult. China's steel pipe export is expected to be more and more difficult, competition disorder, "fratricide" will intensify, is expected to China's steel industry mergers and acquisitions (or phase-out) of the peak period is approaching .
                                                                                Despite the 2011-2012 China steel production and export volume is basically maintained at a high level, but the effectiveness of a significant decline in enterprises can not be blindly optimistic, in the international market under the influence of a variety of macro and micro market factors on China's steel production, Exports or to more negative impact, "five-second" period, enterprises should have sufficient awareness and preparation.
                                                                                Analysis shows that only North America and Africa, steel production capacity is less than demand, especially energy, but with the passage of time, the new steel pipe unit production, self-sufficiency will be more and more strong. Coupled with the big consumer market in North America the door and because of anti-dumping, countervailing to China closed; other regions, China has a small amount of exports is the result of market competition. Is expected during the "12th Five-Year" period, China's steel export situation may be even more severe.
                                                                                China "steel industry" Twelfth Five-Year "Development Plan" put forward "Twelfth Five-Year" period of China's steel industry to achieve the transition from strong to strong, the industry must be the current number of growth-oriented development model into quality and efficiency growth mode. Under the premise of controlling the total quantity, adjust and optimize the product structure, highlight the variety characteristics, speed up product upgrades, improve physical quality and service quality, pay attention to improving efficiency, seize the opportunity to improve the steel industry concentration, comprehensive steel industry comprehensive competition To enhance the healthy development of China's steel pipe industry and the ability to resist risks in the international market. Strong enterprises should seize the opportunity to carry out joint, restructuring, structural adjustment, product optimization and upgrading and innovation.
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